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The 7 Best agm battery for car Reviews & Buying Guides in 2022

Just imagine, one morning you have to go to an important meeting. But, your car isn’t starting? What will be then?! You will be enraged! Then, you’ll understand that you need a new car battery. Most people go for a new battery at such a moment. Not before that.

If you want to change or upgrade the battery of your car, the AGM battery is a great option. They always provide optimal performance and they are also superior to regular batteries.

Yes, they will cost you more money but they won’t disappoint you for sure. Now, we are going to tell you the 7 best Best agm battery for car reviews & buying guides in 2022.

Let’s check -

It’s no secret that AGM batteries are much better than lead-acid flooded or gel batteries. Now, the most important question is what is an AGM battery?

What Is an AGM Battery?

The full meaning of AGM means “Absorbed Glass Mat”. These kinds of batteries were generally produced and used for the first time during the 80’s era. Later, things have changed significantly. The superior performance and enhanced electrical reliability are perfectly suited for general cars.

The AGM battery keeps its things inside and is fully safe against spills. Further, the electrolyte material is highly effective when it comes to the matter of non-spilling traits. Thus, it preserves the battery capacity and there’s almost zero chance nearby areas will get burned.

Types of AGM Batteries

There are two types of AGM batteries available on the market. They are -

  • Flat Plate AGM Batteries
  • Spiral AGM Batteries

Flat Plate AGM Batteries: These batteries are made of highly advanced Tubular battery technology obtainable with Tubular Positive Plate design. These batteries are perfect for highly suited apps. Moreover, these batteries are mostly used on the gas recombination principle.

Spiral AGM Batteries: The spiral cell AGM batteries folded the plates in a curl layout. In this battery, you’ll see more deep cycling. The lifetime of the battery is less important here. 

What Makes AGM Batteries Special? 

So, what actually makes AGM batteries so special? Well, there’s various reasons. These batteries have a low internal resistance capability. Moreover, they are durable and can provide long-term service. AGM batteries are maintenance-free. Here are a few special benefits of them -

●    Spill-Proof

The usual lead-acid batteries emitted a huge amount of electrolyte. This is why they are not spill-proof. But, AGM batteries contain a glass mat. This glass mat can effectively resist spillage. The glass mat can place the electrolyte without a problem and prevent leakage.

●    High Power Output

The design of the AGM batteries is exceptional from regular batteries. Due to this, their internal resistance is very less. It assists them to emit a high amount of bursts of power at the right time. Due to the high power output feature, they can do the necessary job at the perfect time than other batteries. Therefore, they are much more popular than others.

●    Short Charging Time

One of the most impressive features of the AGM battery is that these batteries charge so fast. You can fully charge them in a very short span of time.

●    Longer Lifespan

AGM batteries have a longer lifespan than flooded batteries. They last so long. But, there’s a problem. The self-discharging rate is so less in these batteries. As a result, they last longer when they’re not in active mode. So, don’t charge them for a long time after an extensive period of inactivity.

●    Durable

When the starting period of the AGM batteries began, they were mostly used for aircraft industries. So, it is easy to guess that they are strong and made from high-class materials. Nowadays, expensive motorcycle and car brands are using them during building their products.

Some modern aircraft still use these batteries. They don’t tear or wear out so quickly. The durability of AGM batteries is really something else.

●    Low Chances Of Building Up Sulfation

Sulfation is a component of lead-acid batteries. Sometimes, the lead sulfate crystals in the cells increase step by step. Sulfation happens when the battery isn’t fully charged. Over time, things get so much worse. Sulfation slowly and steadily resists the efficient conversion of chemical to electrical energy.

For this reason, lead-acid batteries have to charge them at least two or three times a year. But, there’s basically no problem with AGM batteries. The building up of sulfation is so low in AGM batteries.

Quick Reviews

The Ultimate Choice - Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery

This battery is nicely made and it is highly long-lasting. It is fully protected from corrosion and vibration.

Editor’s Choice - XS Power D3400 12V 3 AGM Battery

A super perfect device that contains high-powered and high-performance battery.

Premium Battery - Delphi BU9094R AGM Battery

Delphi BU9094R is a high-premium battery. It works quite good in all type of weather conditions.

Lightweight - ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery

This battery is lightweight and you can easily mount it in any position of your car.

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7 Best Best agm battery for car For 2022 - Reviews and Buying Guides

We’ve already been told that AGM batteries are way ahead of lead-acid batteries. There’s no doubt about that. Further, many of these batteries have been used for non-automotive reasons. However, the major percentage has been used for automotive industries.

Now, we want to show you the 7 best AGM batteries for your bus/truck/car. Let’s check it out -

Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery

Odyssey batteries are part of EnerSys. EnerSys is the mother company and its energy sector is EnerSys Energy Products Inc. Odyssey batteries are produced by this company. They are one of the top leaders in automotive and military-industrial applications. You will understand it by seeing the Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery.

This battery is perfect for modern high-end vehicles. It offers super-fast recharge. You can charge this battery at 100 percent in the span of 4-5 hours. Besides, if you look at the market, you will clearly understand that this is the fastest charging lead-acid battery. Moreover, the service life of this battery is almost one decade.

You can expect to get long service from it. The Cold Crank Amp (CCA) is 330. It is very well-made and long-lasting. Hence, it is fully protected from corrosion, impact shock. It won’t leak electrolyte and you can mount it in your vehicle’s any position. In addition, the voltage is staggering 12 volts and it comes with 2-years of warranty.


●    Fantastic battery. The battery capacity of 48 Ah
●    Battery voltage of 12 volts
●    Can used for long-term
●    High stable voltage for a long time
●    Quick recharge system


●    Some customers said the battery doesn’t fit properly
●    Start to drop the overall performance as time goes by

XS Power D3400 12V 3 AGM Battery

XS power company always provides top-notch, high-quality, and reliable batteries. D3400 is the biggest example of their quality and that’s why it positioned in second place in the list. It is a very high-performance battery. Further, if you are looking for a battery for your racecar, larger vehicles, upgrading your sound system, replacing old batteries, this battery will be the most suitable for you.

This battery comes with the M6 terminal bolt. For this reason, it is perfect for heavy-duty usage. It pushes out 1,000 amps at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, the battery is vibration and impact resistant. It also has valve regulation. One of the most comprehensive things about D3400 is it uses the highest energy density science for an AGM battery.

The battery is designed so nicely and it is also lightweight. You can mount it in any position of your vehicle. Besides, the battery is spill-proof and can hold the electrolyte. The whole battery is sealed and doesn’t need any type of maintenance. In addition, it comes with a 3-year warranty.


●    It is lightweight and can be mounted on any position of the car
●    Ideal for heavy-duty vehicles
●    Impressive cold-cranking amps rating
●    Very low internal resistance
●    Comes with a 3-year warranty


●    The handle is not so good
●    Bit expensive

Delphi BU9094R AGM Battery

Whether you’re seeking to get premium or high-quality batteries for your vehicles, Delphi technologies is there for you. BU9094R AGM Battery is one of their finest products. It possesses superior power as well as extensive cold-cranking amps. For this reason, it is one of the top choices in modern cars. Further, it also has a high 140 R. C. (reverse capacity).

The high-tech battery can ensure that your car will start at even the harshest weather conditions. Moreover, the battery has a magnetic 12 Volts voltage. It is vibration and shock resistance. Therefore, the efficiency of this battery is excellent. It is also corrosion-resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the battery.

You don’t have to face any obstacle while installing it. It fits perfectly in the cars. BU9094R actually made the stereo louder and clearer while driving. The chance of leakage is so less. Hence, it also has optimized material compression. The Delphi battery is a good value. This battery also comes in a 3-year warranty.


●    The BU9094R battery supplies smooth current to a car
●    Vibrant and corrosion resistant
●    Simple to install
●    This battery has 12 Volts voltage
●    Comes in a 3-year warranty


●    Recharge takes too much time
●    Bit heavier

ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery

This is another fantastic product from battery giant Odyssey. When you want to get an AGM battery that can produce superior performance and last long, Odyssey should be always a top priority. The starting power is absolutely enormous while it also provides a deep cycling ability. It works well in almost all heavy-duty vehicles.

The battery of the 65-PC1750T is reliable as it can supply a fantastic service for the long term.  Due to the exceptional construction, it can work in various situations. It doesn’t matter if the rain is raining, the storm is happening, the land is roaring or whatever the situation - it will just perform in a good manner.

Further, there is a pure lead that comprises 99.99 percent. This is why the battery performance is so good. It can be fully charged in just 4-6 hours of charging. The installation process is very easy for this AGM battery. Moreover, it is also lightweight. The weight of the product is only 26 pounds. The 65-PC1750T is flame resistant and it comes with a 3-year long warranty.


●    Lightweight and durable
●    It works superbly in heavy-duty vehicles
●    High reserve time capacity
●    Spill-proof and flame resistant
●    Comes with a 3-year long warranty


●    No CCA amp rating
●    Some customers reviewed that this battery doesn’t last long

NorthStar Ultra Group 31 AGM Battery

NorthStar is a one of the most famous company that design, manufacture, and sell various range of batteries and power solutions. The NorthStar 31 AGM battery is a nice battery for many reasons. It can handle all starting and electronic amp loads. This is certainly a beast AGM battery and it can works in heavy-duty vehicles. Besides, you can install these batteries in high-demand environments. It is fully heat-resistance. As a result, you won’t have to think about heating issue.

Furthermore, the deep cycle batteries are convenient to install. The high reserve capacity of this battery is such a good thing. Another superior thing about this battery is there are several safety measurements attached to this device. Therefore, you can be sure that it can work for a longer period without a chance of malfunctioning.

The NorthStar Ultra Group 31 AGM Battery doesn’t need maintenance. As a result, you won’t have to spend your precious time for this. The battery is made in USA and it has 103 amp-hours rating. In addition, this battery comes with 36-month warranty.


●    Have multiple safety measures
●    The battery has 103 amp-hours rating
●    Doesn’t need any kind of maintenance
●    Works in heavy-duty vehicles
●    Comes with 3-year warranty


●    It is super heavy. You can’t place it at any position of the car
●    Overprices

XS Power D6500 XS Series AGM Battery

XS company is a global leader when it comes to the matter of producing powerful batteries. Hence, the D6500 battery is the biggest example of this. It is a robust battery that will give you enough amp. The power can up to 3000 to 4000W for a car’s audio system. On the other hand, it will also capable of providing extra energy to their vehicle.

The lead-acid battery has 12 Volts of voltage. Besides, the whole battery is super energy-efficient and has deep cycling abilities. This D6500 battery is hugely used by the high-end moto racers around the world. It is fully spilled proof. Additionally, the battery is valve regulated too.

Hence, it is extremely durable and you can use start it in different types of weather conditions. You can use it in big trucks easily due to its high-level resistant from deep shock and vibration. It is also easy to mount and install. All in all, it’s such a pretty good option for heavy-duty vehicles. You’ll get 36-months warranty with this one.


●    This battery is durable and lasts longer
●    The charging is so fast
●    It is leak-proof, corrosion-free, and non-hazardous structured battery
●    This battery is literally a power-grid! You’ll get massive amount of power with it
●    D6500 is sealed and valve-regulated


●    Heavier and bulky
●    Sometimes it doesn’t fit properly

DieHard 38217 Advanced Gold AGM Battery

Diehard company is widely famous due to producing powerful and highly durable batteries. The 38217 model of them are the biggest proof of this. This battery is immensely hardwearing and they can provide service in all conditions. Moreover, this is surely one of the top-notch product available on the market and that’s why we’ve included it in our list.

The battery made by high-class components and it is vibration and impact resistant. Moreover, the Electrolytic Suspension system protect it from deep shock and rough terrains. The CCA rating is 850 of this battery. Therefore, you can start it in a short time in any condition.

Furthermore, the 38217 uses high-level AGM technology. This tech assists to keep everything in a sealed compartment. It doesn’t require any kind of maintenance. It is totally maintenance-free. Further, it comes with a 3-year warranty.


●    It is high-powered and durable battery
●    Good value for money
●    High-level vibration and shock protected
●    CCA rating is so high
●    Budget-friendly


●    Customer service is not up to the mark
●    Some customers said this battery can’t cope in snowfall

What’s the difference between AGM and gel cell batteries?

AGM batteries have thin fiberglass inside of them. They can effectively hold the electrolytes. This is why you can be assured that there will be no spillage from these batteries. On the other hand, gel cell batteries hold a gel-like silica-based electrolyte. That helps them to provide high-level power capacities.

There’s a problem with gel cell batteries. They possess a higher acid resistance. As a result, it is extremely difficult to use them in harsh weather conditions. AGM batteries are perfect for automotive industries while gel cell batteries are suitable for deep-cycle or marine applications.

On top of that, AGM batteries are highly sturdy and durable. They can produce much higher outputs and they are usable in high-end motorbikes, cars, and even in aircraft. But, Gel cell batteries are also good in marine applications. They’re also a bit more costly than their counterparts.

Should I upgrade to an AGM Battery?

Are you looking forward to getting the top-notch performance and a long-lasting battery? Well, then you should upgrade your battery. AGM battery could be a great choice as it is capable of providing top-class performance. These batteries are also strong and well-made.

The conventional flooded style batteries don’t have the luxury to supply good performance. They even fail in extreme weather. Moreover, AGM batteries also have the latest car technology which you can’t expect on flooded batteries. So, yes, you should upgrade your vehicle to an AGM battery even if it costs more money.

Are AGM Batteries Better than Gel Ones??

It’s a very tough question indeed. There’s no direct answer to this query. Both batteries are good in their own ways. Besides, the AGM batteries are covered with a particular chemical called the electrolyte. Both AGM and Gel batteries are spill-proof, shock-resistant, self-discharging capability.

But, still, we can make some difference. Take a look at those -

Type of Operation: While AGM batteries are mostly used in automobiles and aircraft manufacturing, Gel cell batteries are heavily used in marine and deep-cycle applications.

Weather Conditions: AGM batteries can be used in extreme weather atmospheres. On the other side, Gel cell batteries don’t perform well in harsh weather types especially in cold climates.

Size: The size of AGM batteries is generally smaller than Gel cell batteries.

Price: Gel cell batteries are quite expensive than their counterparts.

So, overall, we can surmise that AGM batteries have an upper hand over Gel cell batteries. But, still, we want to remind you that both are good in their own ways. There’s actually no pinch-perfect draw line. 

Buying Guide for the Best AGM Batteries

Batteries are pretty difficult to choose. Buying the right AGM batteries for RV is such a challenging task. Therefore, it will be smartest thing if you consider some option before purchasing an AGM battery. There are large number of car batteries are available on the market. However, not every battery is suitable for driving.

Now, we are going to give you some tips before buying an AGM battery. Let’s take a look -


This is the basic but very high-profile factor before selecting an AGM battery. Before choosing a battery, check out the voltage thoroughly. The higher voltage means that the battery can cop with the heavy-duty vehicle more faster. Moreover, it also indicates that you can replace the battery so fast. So, check the voltage before purchasing.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is the perfect time when the fully charged AGM battery takes to discharge at general temperature. If we count on the AGM battery, the reserve capacity is much higher of it than usual lead-acid battery. However, it’s quite simple. The reason is AGM batteries are highly expensive and suitable for heavy-duty use.

Generally, a high-quality AGM battery have the reserve capacity of around 40-60 minutes. But, it will depends on your usage of the battery. If you don’t spend so much power in your vehicle, then you can expect that the short period of reserve capacity of 10 minutes are more than enough.

Cold-Cranking Amp Rating

Cold-cranking amps (CCA) is the factor that every buyer should keep in the head. This part is the indicator that a battery’s capability to produce enough current when it comes to the matter of facing cold temperatures. If we want to tell directly, we will have to say that the battery, which doesn’t have enough CCA simply going to fail to do better performance in cold winter.

One thing is if CCA is less while live in intense level conditions like hot temperatures or cold temperatures, you will face huge problem when you want to start your car. Therefore, select a battery that has higher CCA. It will be a safe option for you.

Battery Size

You have to select between cold cranking amp (CCA) or amp-hour (AH) before making a final decision on purchasing a RV battery. However, we’ve seen that the large number of people choose CCA over AH. The reason is CCA is much cheaper option. However, they’re not enough durable.

Battery Design

In this article, we’ve only discussed about AGM batteries. Although they are nearly the same, the internal design of these batteries are a bit different. There are two types of AGM batteries. One is lead-acid AGM batteries and another is sealed lead acid AGM batteries.

Both of the batteries provides good performance. It’s undeniable. But, sealed lead acid AGM batteries can give a slightly better spillage protection.


This is a great factor for an AGM battery. You have to purchase a battery according to your needs. This is why you will surely want that a battery will be compatible with your vehicle. If it doesn’t, you will be disappointed. But, AGM batteries are compatible with almost every vehicle.

You should focus your mind to the battery’s Amps (current) per hour. It should be high. But, it shouldn’t be too much high. All you need to pay attention to the fact that the amps of the battery will be equal to the rating your car needs. It will make your car more smoother.

Battery Life

This is the factor people looks out most. It’s easy to surmise that nobody wants to spend money on a battery with short lifespan. Everyone wants long-lasting product. As AGM batteries are expensive products, customers will like to purchase a AGm battery with a higher lifespan and durability. You won’t buy an AGM battery frequently. It is likely a one time investment. So, you should take this matter with utter seriousness.

The longer the battery life, the more it will give better performance. You will have a chance to figure out the durability of the product by reading customer’s experience on the product’s review section. It will give you a good idea about the battery’s lifespan.

Nevertheless, after purchasing, you will also have to do some works. You will have to take care of the battery, check the electrolytes in regular basis. These tasks will also have a greater impact to enhance the lifespan of an AGM battery.


AGM battery is an expensive product. So, you have to sort out a specific budget for it. Price will matter for sure and you can’t ignore it. But, how can you settle a budget? Well, it’s not that hard. You have to list what kinds of services you need from the battery.

Hence, you have to sort out the most important features are you expecting from the product. Then, look for a battery that can feed your expectations. It will definitely assist you to keep your budget in a realistic way. As a result, the whole process will be much easier for you.


There are uncountable number of nameless brands are available in AGM battery market. You should skip those. Don’t fall into the trap. Yes, you can purchase a battery at a low-cost, but it will be overall loss for you in a long-term. Always go for a brand. The battery’s brand all the time have a bigger impact.

The branded battery will contain immense quality. They will provide you with a good service if the battery face a problem. Moreover, if you decides to purchase the battery from a well-known brand, you won’t have to think twice about the service. The reason is those brands generally uses high-class components to manufacture their products.


If we compare AGM batteries with other batteries, we will clearly see that AGM batteries have higher lifespan and they are perfect for long-term utilization. Although the AGM battery is authentic enough, there’s no way to take any risk. Therefore, you have to check the warranty quite thoroughly before purchasing.

You will get 1 or 2-year warranty with your AGM battery. Some companies even offers 3-year warranty. So, go through the process while purchasing and take the warranty card.

Final Words

Once upon a time, AGM batteries were only used in military purposes. But, things have changed significantly in modern times. These batteries are now used publicly due to their various beneficial features. If you wish that your battery will be long-lasting, durable, can perform well in all type of weather conditions, these batteries will help you immensely.

In our article, we’ve tried to share with you the best Best agm battery for car of recent times. We hope you won’t be disappointed by our article. So, what’s your take about our article and what battery you are going to purchase? Share your opinion in the comment box. Thanks for reading! Stay bless!

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