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Top 12 Best Ceramic Brake Pads Reviews in 2021 – All The Experts’ Picks!

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Bosch BE1654 Blue Disc Brake Pad Set for 2013-15 Honda Accord- Best For Longevity

We kick off the list with the Bosch BE1654 disc brake pad set. It’s equally durable and reliable as it’s made from the friction material formation of ceramic material. This is done to ensure the optimum performance it can offer. That being said, it pretty easily suits the wheels and offers excellent engagement.

The package comes with a synthetic lubricant that makes it easy for it to mitigate resistance at the contact points. So, you can enjoy a safe and guaranteed smoothness at the time of sudden braking. For regular brakes, this also works like magic. However, if you are worried about the awkward sound it may make, that’s something Bosch has taken care of.

These brake pads come with OE-style multi-layer shims that offer the service of dampening the noise. So, even though the engagement may be sudden and hard - it will not make any cranky or annoying noise. Another point to be noted here is the rust-prevention system the pads offer.

You can find the entire brake pad is coated with rust inhibitive coating. This prevents the formation of rust over it and ensures long-lasting performance. On a side note, this one is designed for the 2013-15 Honda Accord. If you have any other model, you may want to skip to the other options here.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for Front wheels of Honda Accord 2013-15
  • It comes with synthetic lubricants for reduced resistance
  • The pads are coated with rust inhibitive coating
  • OE-style multi-layer shims for noise reduction
  • Simple to utilize chamfers and slots for easy installation

ACDelco Gold 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set- Best for Design  

ACDelco Gold comes with the 17D1367CH as a versatile solution to many vehicles. This one suits many vehicles, and you can easily use one of these. Comparatively easier to install and premium quality - these are the two key leverages ACDelco has over other models in the market. The testing process it goes through gives you a proper idea of how carefully ACDelco prepares the pads for you.

Then again, the pads feature premium slots, chamfers, and shims that make it pretty easier for you to install. Moreover, these options are led by the technique that reduces the noise and vibration of the pads so that you can experience a smooth and calm brake every time. It has a stamped backing plate that makes sure that the pads are moving in the caliper assembly pretty much effortlessly.

Being tested on the SAE J2784, this set of brake pads offer a better braking experience compared to its counterparts. It effectively reduces braking harshness so that the risk of an accident is mitigated to a greater level. Then again, the friction material molded design ensures the bond integrity of the ceramic for better durability, as well as protection.

The best part is if you are looking for a change or replacement for the pads, the makers made aftermarket parts available for you. This is really a life-saving option for any given situation. Above all, its suitability to a wide range of vehicles is also a vital part of it.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with premium quality chamfers, slots, and shims for easy installation
  • Offers noise and vibration-free braking experience
  • Stamped backing plate for smooth pad movement in the caliper
  • The ceramic is friction material molded for excellent bond integrity
  • Tested to SAE J2784 to ensure low harshness and durability

Power Stop Z26-1405 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pad- Best For Noise free Braking

Alright, time to pick some powerful brake pads! It’s time for Power Stop Z26-1405 Z26! These brake pads come with a carbon-fiber ceramic material to ensure top-class durability for your smooth braking experience. The pads have a thermal scorched surface that allows them to cause a fast break.

Then again, the chamfered slots here offer noise-free braking, as well. The best part is, the pads don’t break down even if you are going for a hard and pressured brake.

Being dust-free is one of the key features of these pads. You can literally go cleaning-free for days without any worry. These pads attract less dust and dirt while on the move and don’t cause any hamper inside the wheels. Moreover, the stainless-steel shims always keep themselves shiny and clean.

Speaking of the stainless-steel shim, this plays another vital role. It effectively reduces the noise, even if there’s a lot of reasons for a heavy noise. You can compare these to stock brake pads in this case.

Then again, the upgraded powder-coated backing makes these pads a perfect fit for most muscle cars. These pads play a suitable role in these cars to increase the braking performance.

What’s more, is that the pads offer rust and corrosion resistance to a greater level. That means you can forget about getting the pads all rusty even after using the pads for a long time. To help you out with that, the package comes with brake grease and a premium SS hardware kit in it. A little bit of maintenance will help you a great deal!

Highlighted Features

  • The pads are made from carbon-fiber ceramic
  • It features a thermal scorched pad surface
  • The pads come with a powder-coated backing plate
  • Dust-free design attracts less dust than its counterparts
  • The package includes grease and SS hardware kit

ACDelco Gold 17D1367ACH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set- Best For Durability

Another ACDelco Gold frog disc brake pad set on our list is the 17D1367ACH. This one is an upgraded model from the previous 17D1367CH model. However, the features remain the same, with a bit more durability in addition. Not so surprisingly, this one is also a versatile brake pad that can be installed on most vehicles we drive. It offers premium quality and simplicity of installation - the two most powerful features of the set.

The pads also go through a lot of testing for quality assurance. By getting tested for SAE J2784, the pads have proved that these are quite suitable for the harshest of brakes you can execute. However, the harshness will not affect the pad’s skeleton and surface in any way. Then again, it also reduces the noise to a significant level for annoy-free braking.

Apart from that, the pads come with some of the best chamfers, slots, and shims in the market. This makes it just a matter of time to install the pads on your wheels. Then again, it also makes sure that the pads are quite durable enough to withstand any kind of pressure on them.

As the pads have stamped backing plates, you can rest assured that the pads are constantly moving within the caliper quite conveniently.

Not so different from the previous model, this one is also suitable for aftermarket parts. So, whenever you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and need a spare change, you can always rely on the aftermarket parts with no worries.

Highlighted Features

  • The pads offer premium quality chamfers, slots, and shims
  • The design ensures a noise and vibration-free braking experience
  • Its Stamped backing plate offer effortless pad movement
  • The ceramic is friction material molded for excellent bond integrity
  • Thoroughly tested to SAE J2784 to make sure it’s top-class in durability

Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad- Best for easy maintenance

Although the Bosch BC905 is limited to a number of models from different vehicle brands, the models are pretty much what we usually use nowadays. So, yes, you can easily call these pads versatile for a reason! Apart from that, the premium quality of the pads will surprise you a big-time, for sure! Starting off with the noiseless operation, it will really impress you with its amazing capacity.

This is possible because of the rubber-core multilayer shim. The multilayer shim offers to develop more strength and also provides insulation to prevent noise. That means whenever you go for a hard brake, you can rest assured that the cranking sound won’t be there! Then again, it comes with an advanced aerospace alloy in the ceramic material. However, this does comply with the 2025 copper-free legislation.

It’s not a good idea to plant brake pads every three months. What seems to be a better plan is to go for something durable that offers long-term support. However, long-term support does come with a threat of rust and corrosion. But that’s been taken care of in this set of pads. The powder-coating on the pads prevents rust formation on the surface, which eventually saves the pad from corrosion.

What’s more, is that the pads come with a protective transfer layer on them. This extends the rotor life and also improves the durability of the pad. As for maintaining the pads, you have a hardware kit and synthetic lubricants right out of the package.

Highlighted Features

  • Rubber core multilayer shim offers improved strength and durability
  • Copper-free ceramic comes with advanced aerospace alloy
  • Transfer layer for protecting the pad ensures a longer life for the rotor
  • Powder-coated backing plate for corrosion and rust resistance
  • The package comes with a hardware kit and synthetic lubricant for the maintenance

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set- Excellent in performance

It’s always safer to go for a one-piece construction for brake pads than going for multiple pieces that are connected. If you are on the same page, then the Wagner thermoQuiet QC1324 is going to be a suitable pick for you.

This brake pad set uses a one-piece design that makes it super durable on every corner. So, no matter how much pressure you are putting on it, it’s going to distribute it all in split seconds.

The application-specific design is what makes it a unique one among many options right now. Its top-class laser-shaped friction easily spreads the heat out to keep it cool, even after a long journey. Then again, it also uses the same technique to reduce vibration and sound. This gives you a comfortable and convenient riding experience.

What’s interesting in this design is its superior formulation. This effectively dissipates heat from the surface of the pad and keeps it cool even after repetitive pressing of the brake. Then again, it also helps in the reduction of the brake fade to support you for a long time. Not to mention, it directly improves the durability of it.

As for the proprietary formulation, the pads come with excellent performance that mitigates the rotor wear. So, you can expect less dust formation on it, which may mean you need to clean less frequently. 

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with an application-specific design for excellent friction
  • The pads offer superior noise and vibration reduction
  • MI Technique comes with friction material and backing plate
  • The proprietary formulation allows dust control

Power Stop Z26-1053 Extreme Performance New Formulation Brake Pad- Best For Easy Installation

On our quest to find out the best ceramic brake pad, we have the Power Stop Z26-1053 on our list. With an all-new design, the Power Stop brand promises the best braking service at a very affordable price. However, cheaper doesn’t mean it offers anything less than its competitors. You can tell it from the superior quality stainless steel shims it comes with.

The stainless steel shims make sure that the pad doesn’t make any crazy noise while in use, and it also reduces the vibration. So, even if you are going for a hard brake at some point on the road, you can get a smooth and solid brake right away. Compare this to stock brake pads, and you can get what we are saying!

Then again, the chamfered and slotted design allows the pad to play a useful role in the simplistic installation. You won’t need any mechanic to get the job done for you. You can easily install the parts as the package comes with some of the accessory hardware, too! Once again, the carbon-fiber brake pads come with brake grease, as well, in case you need it for maintenance.

Having a powder-coated backing plate means the pads are ready to roll with some of the muscle cars out there. These pads add to the braking performance of these cars and provide excellent stoppage in seconds. Moreover, the pads-coatings also offer resistance against rust and corrosion to make sure the pads last long!

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a slotted and chamfered design for ease of installation
  • The powder-coated backing plate that allows it to be used on muscle vehicles
  • Premium stainless steel shims for noiseless braking experience
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant coating to prevent corrosion
  • The package comes with a grease and hardware kit for maintenance

Bendix CFC1327 Premium Copper Free Ceramic Brake Pad- Copper Free Design

Bendix comes with another high-quality brake pad - the CFC1327. When most of its competitors are going with copper-mixed material for the building design, Bendix has chosen to go fully copper-free in their CFC1327. So, according to the legislation targeting 2025, Bendix comes forward as a lead mover in this case.

Although the formulas are vehicle-specific, these are going to suit most of the regular vehicles we use.

Speaking of models, the pads support the late-model vehicles, as well. So you can use it with nearly any model of vehicle you are riding. Apart from that, the pads are pretty well-known for the discretion they offer. You can rely on the noise-free braking system it offers. This is because the design of the pad comes with a brilliant feature - a 4-layer shim.

The OE-designed 4-layered shim is a premium shim that offers noise-eliminating support. As it conforms to the OE standards, you can tell it makes the most it can to ensure security on the wheels. You can comfortably stop exactly where you want; that’s the level of precision the pads have to offer.

Worried about installation and maintenance? Well, let go of it. The package here comes with a few maintaining hardware and brake lubricants. You can use these for regular maintenance and solve simple troubleshooting.

Highlighted Features

  • Fully copper-free design to comply with legislation 2025
  • Covers most late models of the vehicles for compatibility
  • Maintains OE-standards in designing noiseless braking system
  • The package comes with lubricants and troubleshooting hardware
  • 4-layer premium noise-canceling shim for better noise prevention

KFE KFE914-104 Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad- Best for less vibration

The KFE 914-103 Disc Brake pad is one of the quietest brake pads on our list. The ultra-quiet name of the pad says it all, doesn’t it? But before you try to pick it for your vehicle, it’s recommended that you should check the compatibility on the selling page. The pad suits and fits a number of vehicle models only.

However, once it fits, it fits perfectly. If you don’t want to visit a mechanic or specialist for this to install, don’t worry. It takes a minimalistic setup and limited tools to install. You yourself can install it in no time.

Thanks to its convenient design that offers instant and simple setup. This perfect fitment makes sure that the pads instantly bring the moving wheels to a stop.

Then again, speaking of its quiet and silent nature, the brake pads come with dual-rubber shims. These dual shims can impressively mitigate the noise produced. Side by the side of noise, the dual-rubber shims also make it pretty easy to reduce the vibration on the brakes.

Apart from that, the pads are produced using a Thermo Scorched manufacturing process. This helps the pad to maintain a low break-in time for maximum performance. So, you get to stop then and there wherever you want.

Highlighted Features

  • The design of the ceramic pad comes with perfect fitment
  • Dual-rubber shims effectively mitigate noise and vibration
  • It features a Thermo Scorched manufacturing process to lower break-in time
  • Chamfered and slots for comfortable and simple installation

SCITOO Ceramic Brake Pads Kits- Best For Braking Ability

Scitoo brake pads come as one of the unique sets of pads that are pretty easy to handle and offer pretty amazing braking abilities. The pads come as treated with Thermos Scorched. Then again, it goes through a positive molding process that helps it to reduce the break-in time on it. So, you can easily push the brake at the right time, at the right place.

Now, this also means the brake pads will suffer less when you are putting too much pressure on them. So, even if you are using the pads for a long time, there’s a little chance of it getting worn out very soon. That’s why the longevity of the pads is also a reward you get with this one.

As for the vibration control, the pad works in a unique way here, as well. You have the gasket in between the caliper piston and the backplate of the pad. This gasket works as a buffer that absorbs the vibration of the pad to mitigate the effect. So, apart from sound, the pad effectively lowers the vibration, too.

Then again, the pads offer a low-dust formula that makes it almost quite hard to form dust on. This allows you to take a break from regular maintenance. Above all, the pads are pretty easy to install right after you open them from the pack. They come as pre-assembled, so you need to only place them in the right slot.

Highlighted Features

  • The brake pads are treated with thermos scorched
  • It goes through a superior and effective molding process for increasing break-in time
  • Offers a low-dust system to reduce dust formation
  • Comes as a ready-to-use out of the pack
  • Gasket works as a buffer to reduce noise and vibration

Hawk HB453F.585 HPS High-Performance Street Ferro-Carbon Disc Brake Pads

Hawk comes with a unique Ferro-carbon formula for the disc brake pads it produces. This excellent and high-performing formula was initially designed and developed for superior street performance. They had used the quality and safety of the severe-duty friction technique that Hawk boasts of.

What this makes up is a high-performing set of brake pads that offers a superior braking experience for both cars and motorcycles. No matter what vehicle you are riding, you can easily use it on both types.

Then again, the pads offer a better coefficient of friction that makes it even better than most stock brakes out there. You can get about 30 to 40 percent more stopping leverage than any other brake pads, with increased resistance in place. This also works against brake fades, so you don’t need to worry about brake pads every other month.

Above all, the pad is completely noise-free. As it goes gentle on the rotors, the pad also effectively reduces vibration on it. So, you can enjoy vibration and noise-less braking experiences on both cars and motorcycles.

Highlighted Features

  • The brake pads are designed with Ferro-Carbon formula
  • Designed for both car and motorcycle vehicle
  • It comes with a virtually noise-free setup
  • The pad offers high torque and friction on both high heat and cold
  • A higher coefficient of friction allows higher resistance to brake fade

EBC Brakes DP41210R Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pad

We finally wrap up our reviews for the best ceramic brake pad with the EBC Brakes DP41210R. This one comes at last but doesn’t offer the least, of course! The brake pad comes with a high friction padding system that ensures quicker stopping. That means you just need to press the brake underneath, and the vehicle will come to an immediate standstill!

Then again, the building material of the brake pad comes with a zero-fade developed compound. This means that over the course of time, the pad’s interior and surface won’t fade away. In addition, it also offers effective noise and vibration mitigation for smooth yet soundproof braking.

The best part is, you don’t need to limit yourself to the regular streets with these pads on your vehicle. Try out some off-road riding and still get the amazing braking experience EBC has to offer! Then again, you can expect the brakes to be effective just right from the cold situation. It’s needless to wait until it gets hotter.

Although this is not something that you need to be super excited about, the multi-color design of the brake pads does draw a lot of attention. It looks pretty awesome when you are using it on your wheels!

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a high-friction pad for quicker stopping
  • The superior building material for zero fading
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • You can use the pads for braking on both on and off-street, and race track
  • The pads allow braking to be effective from cold


We hope the 12 ceramic brake pads that we have picked for you here will suffice for your next purchase! Even if you are looking forward to exploring more, you can still get the idea of what to look for from the reviews of these pads.

Make sure you go through all the details we have gathered!

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