Best Portable Car Jump Starters

Best Portable Car Jump Starters 2022 (Review and Buying Guides)

Suppose you have an important meeting in the morning. But, when you get in the car and start it, dreaded sounds are coming! Surely, you will be disappointed. Then, what? You’ll have to rely on some strangers! However, you could skip this awkward situation by playing smart. This is the reason you need a portable car jump starter. It could save you from such a hassle.

Portable jump starters earned huge popularity over the years. It will definitely give you safety and comfort at vital times. In this article, we will discuss the best portable car jump starters. We’ll try to present you with an in-detail discussion.

Let’s jump -

Benefits of Portable Jump Starters

The irony is there are still many people around who have no idea about portable jump starters. Some people even do not know the benefits of it. These portable boosters are much ahead of jumper cables.

There are many reasons for selecting jump starters over booster cables. Here, we will show you some of the biggest benefits. Check them out -

No need to ask for help

This is the most significant advantage. You have to go to an important meeting or a party. When you enter your car and see the car’s battery is dead, how will you react? Surely, it will make you angry as you could be stuck in a hopeless situation.

You have to ask strangers to assist you to overcome the awkward moments. But, with a car jump starter, you can start the car immediately.

Moreover, it could help you with safety and security issues. If you have your jump starter in your trunk, you will have a good opportunity to pull it out, reconnect and start the car. As a result, you will have the advantage to make you safe in an unknown place.

Easy accessibility

It doesn’t matter what the position of your car is if you have got a jump starter with you. Sometimes, people don’t have adequate cables. In such a situation, vehicles need to stay close to each other to work correctly.

It’s undoubtedly a very irritating matter. This is the reason you need a car jump starter. Further, it could be so helpful for disabled people.

Two connections could cause more trouble

When you’re using a booster cable, you are increasing the chance of double failure. Reversed connection is never a good thing. It could severely damage a vehicle. Booster cable produces sparks. Such sparks could create a hazard in case battery gases are present at that time.

You don’t have to deal with such unwanted problems with portable jump starters.

Host vehicle could be damaged

Suppose you are taking good care to make sure a correct connection sequence and somehow you did that. But, there’s still a concern.

The main reason behind the anxiety is that the host vehicle might not be able to provide additional power to the disabled ones. In that case, the electrical part of the host vehicle could be damaged. So, there’s certainly a big risk remaining.


In current times, there’s a major improvement of portable car jump starters. You can use them for charging your laptop. For instance, if you are stuck in the middle of a highway road and your laptop doesn't have any charge. In such a case, a car jump starter could come to your rescue.

This is such an electrical powerhouse that could help you immensely in needed time.

However, you have to always keep the charge of your jump starter to get the service. That’s the thing you can’t ignore. This is a vital issue and you should keep it on your head.

Quick Review

Best Overall - NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box

This starter is assuredly the top-notch in today’s market. The charging capability is incredible while it is also a lightweight product.

Best Heavy Duty - TOPVISION 2200A Peak 21800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

This superb product is useful in running so many heavy-duty vehicles. It contains a 2200A peak current.

Best Budget - NEXPOW 1500A Peak 21800mAh Portable Jump Starters

This product is equipped to jump gasoline and small diesel engines. It is also very budget-friendly.

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Best Portable Car Jump Starters of 2022

The best portable jump starters can give you a great feeling. There are stacks of options available on the market. So, it is very easy to surmise that this is a huge challenge to find out the right one.

Certain types of batteries are suitable for definite reasons or purposes. Below, we are going to suggest to you the best portable car jump starters on the market in current times. Let’s begin the discussion -

NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box

The NOCO Genius GB40 jump starter is such an amazing battery. It could take you on the road very quickly. It is a small, lightweight, and compact starter. Moreover, this starter comes in two sizes. One is 3000A and another is 2000A. 3KA is for bigger vehicles while the 2KA suits smaller ones.

You can use it without any tension. It is safe and secure. There is no worry about incorrect connection or spark due to its spark-proof technology. Additionally, this is one of the most reasonable products from NOCO.

Apart from the car jump starter, you can use it as a portable power bank and LED flashlight. If you need to charge your electronic devices, you can do it from this device.

Furthermore, the sexy and slick design is a huge asset of this product. It is definitely one of its best features. It can make up to 20 jumps and this is a big advantage. The starter is fully waterproof and made of advanced technology.

Additionally, it is so easy to use and it can hold its charge for almost one year! No wonder, it is our first pick for the best portable car jump starters list!

Factors to Consider

  • The product is fully waterproof and it's easy to use
  • The design is astonishing and its made of advanced tech
  • Due to the spark-proof technology, no chance of an accident
  • It is lightweight and small
  • 1K-amps from this lithium jump starter

Why Shoud Buy

The best part of the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 is it can hold charge for a long time. You don’t need to freshen it frequently. It also has a splendid bright LED lite and LED flasher. In addition, the spark-proof technology will give you the utmost safety.

TOPVISION 2200A Peak 21800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

This is a very powerful jump starter. The robust TOPVISION 2200A Peak 21800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter is capable of jump start 12V vehicles in each second with a 2200A peak current. You can use it in various automobiles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, etc. Further, it works 100 % without any issues.

The Topvision’s jump starter comprises advanced QDSP(Quick Discharge Start Power) Technology. This is the reason it contains a much higher amount of current than the previous old version. Besides, it can power a dead car in a matter of 60 seconds! This gadget can be used for various purposes like a flashlight, strobe light, SOS light, charger for mobile phone, laptop, etc.

As it can assist you in several purposes, you could use it for multiple needs like adventures, travel, etc. There is one superb feature in it which is a voltage display right on the cable in this starter. For this reason, you can see the strength of your battery. You can even do it without plugging the cord into the charger. On top of that, this high-class product is made of a built-in protection circuit. This will provide you with ultimate safety.

Factors to Consider

  • It uses upgraded QDSP Technology. This is essential in supplying enhanced current
  • You can use it for various types of lights. As a result, it could help you in multiple adventures
  • It comes with a nice case and its build quality is fantastic
  • You will be able to see the strength of the battery even without plugging the cord
  • Great customer service

Product is Good For

This is a quality device and you could purchase it without thinking a bit. You will get several features as well as quality customer service. Moreover, you’ll get a voltmeter too. This emerge as the most powerful one for the price.

NEXPOW 1500A Peak 21800mAh Portable Jump Starters

You should try this one. This is a fantastic starter that can revive your car’s dead battery quite easily. The car battery starter is super lightweight. It generally uses high-speed polymer batteries. When it comes to the matter of jump starters, it is literally superb. It claims to offer 1,500 amps of peak power and a 21,800 mAh capacity. As a result, it is capable of starting vehicles with up to 6.5-liter gasoline engines and 4.0-liter diesel engines.

As it is only 2 pounds, you can carry it anywhere conveniently. This car jump starter can work on various vehicles like trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, etc. Besides, this car jumper starter contains high-class LED flashlights that can illuminate you at nighttime. It also includes modern features like a USB C port, Quick Charge 3.0.

Furthermore, you can use this as charging equipment for your devices like laptops, mobiles, etc. Most importantly, the safety features of this gadget are really mesmerizing. It comprises security traits like spark-proof protection, reverse polarity protection, overload protection, etc. All in all, it is literally everything you wish for. You can safely drive your car without any tension with this one. This is one of the budget-friendly devices too.

Factors to Consider

  • USB Type-C support
  • Ergonomically designed for congenial handling
  • Massive 21,800 mAh capacity
  • Various safety mode technology
  • High-class LED flash

Product is Good For

The Nexpow jump starter is exactly what you want. This will give you enormous options and all are of good quality. You can get the starter along with various features. In a word, it could be a great asset for you.

DeWalt Digital Portable Power Station DXEJ14

The DeWalt DXEJ14 has booked its place in our list due to its high-quality service and features. This car jump starter possesses an extensive 21 amp hour battery. Moreover, it also contains an onboard compressor and a patented feature. This stuff also has a 120 PSI Digital compressor with auto stop and a surefit nozzle.

You will have the opportunity to use it in various automobiles like trucks, SUVs, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, etc. You don’t even need any other vehicle’s assistance. It is quite hassle-free as you don’t have to deal with any problem while using it. The LED light is very high-powered. As a result, it will give you good service at nighttime.

Moreover, the device comes with a built-in USB port. It works as a charger for various electronic devices. DeWalt's biggest advantage is the power in its preliminary jump-start jolt. You have to charge it once a month to get the best performance out of the starter.

It is also highly durable. In addition, this car jump starter includes a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Factors to Consider

  • Magnificent compressor and lighting on the back.
  • There’s no special charger for this
  • Highly durable due to metal powder coated clamps
  • limited 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • High-powered LED light available

Product is Good For

This car jump starter is full of high-class features and advantages. You can even use it in multiple vehicles. On top of that, it is highly durable and you can use it for different purposes.

Schumacher Rechargeable AGM Jump Starter Pack

This heavy-duty car jump starter is such a superb gadget for engine starting batteries. It has 1200 amps with an air compressor, AC and 12 Volts DC. Moreover, it works with 8.0-liter gas and 6.0-liter diesel engines. It also has a digital display. This display is the indicator of the charge level of the internal battery and the voltage of the vehicle battery.

The Schumacher Rechargeable AGM Jump Starter Pack will offer you ultra-bright LED light. It will give you good support in dark conditions. The Schumacher comes with a high/low inflator for air mattresses. You can use this starter in cars, trucks, SUVs, scooters, ATVs, etc. places.

Furthermore, according to the customers, it is one of the finest jump starters with an air compressor. On top of that, it consists of high-class material called Sure-Grip clamps. For this reason, you can conveniently fit in both top and side-mount batteries.

This battery is also essential for safety and security. It has reverse-hook protection. As a result, you will feel the utmost safety while driving.

Factors to Consider

  • Capable of inflating tires
  • It contains reverse-hook protection to provide safety
  • The digital display will show you the charge level of the internal battery
  • The ultra-LED light will help you in the nighttime
  • Pivot AC plug helps prevent tangled cords

Product is Good For

This unit is such a high-quality product. It has an ultra-LED flashlight as well as 1200 amps with an air compressor. For this reason, the air compressor works well. Overall, it will be a good buy.

Booster PAC ES5000 1500 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter

Booster Pac ES5000 is one of the premium batteries from Clore Automotive. It is capable of jump start 12V vehicles in each second with a 1500A peak current. Moreover, it also has high-class industrial-grade hot jaw clamps. Therefore, it can easily shift a huge amount of power to the vehicle’s battery.

The whole product consists of an impact-resistant case. The cables are also long and heavy-gauge. As a result, this battery jump starter is highly protected from corrosion and any other environmental hazards. One of the most intriguing features of this product is its automatic charging system. Therefore, there’s basically no chance of overcharging.

Furthermore, the ES series batteries which are available in Booster PAC and Truck PAC units are specifically designed for vehicle jump starting applications. This is a heavy-duty starter and it is fully suited for heavyweight vehicles.

Factors to Consider

  • Capable of jump start 12V vehicles in each second
  • It won’t overcharge due to its automatic charging system
  • It can easily move an expansive amount of power to the vehicle’s battery
  • Due to the impact-resistant case, it stays safe from environmental negative impacts
  • Very cool design

Product is Good For

The Booster PAC ES5000 1500 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter is a top-notch jump starter made of high-quality materials. It is a superb gadget along with excellent features. If you’re a heavy-duty rider, this could surely tempt you.

HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter

The Hulkman Alpha85 is a robust device. It has a 3.3-inch smart screen. As a result, you can turn the engine of your car in a simple way. The 2000 peak amp rating is perfect for gas engines which are up to 8.5l, and diesel engines up to 6l. However, you can use it in heavy-duty vehicles. But, it’s not suitable for semi-heavy vehicles.

Alpha85 is one of the most sophisticated and portable jump starters on the market. The design is compact and lightweight. You can use it as a battery charger for your mobile and laptop devices. Besides, this product comprises multiple protection systems. So, you don’t have to worry about any kind of accidental hazards or sparks. Alpha85 can provide you with total safety.

It also has a 400 Lumen LED light that has a flashlight, strobe, SOS, etc. Moreover, it is capable of holding charges for a long time. No need to worry about losing charge.

The whole product is covered by IP65 resistance. As a result, it will protect you from a variety of environmental impacts like rain, dust, residue, etc.

Factors to Consider

  • 2,000 amp, 20,000 mah internal battery
  • Contains almost 9 types of protection systems
  • The LED light can provide three modes of operation
  • Can give protection from environmental disasters
  • Perfect for heavy-duty vehicles

Product is Good For

If you’re a heavy-duty vehicle user, you can use it without second thinking. This is convenient to use. It can give your vehicle protection from various environmental disasters. Further, it also comes with a 2-years warranty and lifetime technical support.

Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter

So, you want utter safety and good service, but you are unwilling to spend much bucks? Okay, Imazing portable car jump starter could be an excellent choice in that case. This superb gadget is small, portable, and lightweight. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be fooled by seeing its size. It has the ability to push out 2,000 peak amps.

You can use it for different types of vehicles like snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, cars, motorcycles, etc. Moreover, you will get utter safety because of this. There are various kinds of advanced safety protection technologies. It contains type - C port. Further, it is balanced with almost all kinds of USB devices like mobile phones, laptops, cameras, etc.

Additionally, you’ll get various gadgets with this device like - carry case, user manual, cigarette lighter adapter, etc. It also comes with a 2 years warranty.

Factors to Consider

  • The design is so small and lightweight. You can carry it easily
  • The higher amps help to start the car very quickly
  • Comes with great protections systems and it provides high rate lithium power systems
  • Bright LED flashlight with SOS, Strobe.
  • It has a two-year warranty

Product is Good For

This product is extremely compatible with up to 10L Gas or 8L Diesel. You can take it to any place without any hassle. Moreover, you will get it at a very reasonable price.

STANLEY Jump Starter (J509)

Although it is not a perfect device in terms of portability, it has superb jump-starting power with 1000 peak amps and 500 instant starting amps. This is a heavy-duty product. As a result, you could run various automobiles with this starter. It has a built-in 12V DC outlet.

It features a high-powered LED light. This LED light rotates 270 degrees and it can help you to see while full of darkness. Besides, you don’t even worry about the wrong connection. The reason is it contains a reverse polarity alarm. This alarm will notify you about the negative connection.

If you drive heavy-duty vehicles, you can be sure that 1000 peak amps won’t be enough for you. In such a case, you might need an extension cord. One of the best advantageous things about this product is it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Lastly, you should have charged it once a month. This is an inexpensive jump starter that could be beneficial for your pocket.

Factors to Consider

  • You’ll get a good value for the price.
  • The LED light can rotate up to 270 degrees. As a result, it can lighten up the world in the dark!
  • The reverse polarity alarm can warn you about the wrong connection
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Multi-purpose and easy-to-use device

Product is Good For

Although it has a few limitations, it is still one of the top-notch products. You can’t expect much better than this at this rate. It is a high-configured jump starter. Additionally, the reverse polarity alarm, LED light, user-friendliness, etc. things are enough to select this starter.

NEXPOW Battery Jump Starter 2500A 22000mAh Car Jump Starter

The NEXPOW Battery Jump Starter 2500A 22000mAh Car Jump Starter has huge firepower. It is a compact and super lightweight product. You will get a 2500A peak current to start the vehicles and it’s definitely not a matter of a joke! The 1.33 pounds of weight means you can carry it without any problem. Besides, it works with various automobiles like boats, pickups, SUVs, ATVs, UTVs. motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.

Apart from the battery jump starter, it is also a superb flashlight. The bright LED light is really a mesmerizing thing. There is a blue-red alternate light too. It works as a signal before a traffic hazard in case of an accident. As a result, it could give you utter safety.

Further, you will get 8 types of advanced safety protection technologies. You won’t have to worry about accidental hazards or spark due to this high-class tech. It comes with an EVA protective case. This case is extremely suitable for NEXPOW portable car jump starter. It is a picture of perfection in every way.

Factors to Consider

  • Small, lightweight, and compact
  • Highly powerful with 2500A peak current
  • Ergonomically designed for convenient handling
  • Nice carrying case that contains everything needed to jump start your vehicles.
  • Spark-free protection

Product is Good For

This is a super lightweight product that will allow you to carry it conveniently. You’ll be safer with this one as you won’t have to face any traffic hazard due to its warning system. In addition, it is simple to use and you won’t have to face hassle while using it. It will be a great addition for you.

GOOLOO Jump Starter Battery Pack (1500A)

Just like Nexpow 2500A, the Gooloo 1500A jump starter battery pack is another lightweight product. The weight of the starter is only 2.97 pounds. So, you may carry it everywhere without problems. But, the weight shouldn’t fool you about its capability. The charging capability is awesome with USB - C port.

It just needs 5 hours to be fully charged and can provide service for up to three months. Moreover, it works suitably in motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, etc. It also has dual USB ports. For this reason, you can charge some of your personal gadgets like smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc., through it.

To help you in dark moments, it has a 3-mode LED light (flashlight / SOS / Strobe). You can use it for camping, traveling, and other emergency issues.

Furthermore, the 1500A has an intelligent jumper cable which will give you a warning about any traffic accident. You’ll feel safe due to this. On top of that, it is rugged and water-resistant. The splash-proof function is capable to protect the device even on rainy days.

In addition, the starter comes with 18 months warranty and lifetime professional technical support.

Factors to Consider

  • Ergonomically designed and perfect for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Very lightweight and compact. You can carry it anywhere
  • The splash-proof function is helpful during rainy days
  • Dual USB ports
  • 18 months warranty and lifetime professional technical support

Product is Good For

It is so paltry and easily portable. You can carry it anywhere without making any hard effort. The ergonomic product is perfect for heavy-duty vehicles. Besides, the jump starter is water-proof and it has other advanced technologies which are extremely alluring and worth noticing.

AVAPOW Car Battery Jump Starter (3000A Peak 23800mAh)

This is the last one on our list. The AVAPOW Car Battery Jump Starter will supply you with up to 3000 amps at peak current. For this reason, it can jump start 12V cars, snowmobiles, SUVs quite easily. It is overly-protected with various protective functions.

There is also a specially designed indicator. This indicator will warn you about the incorrect use of flashlights.

This jump starter has a dual USB output charging system. That’s why you can charge two of your devices at the same time. Further, it can charge your device much faster than any power bank. This product also has three built-in LED flashlights (Flashlight, Strobe and SOS ).

Hence, it comes with a 1-year of warranty as well as various gadgets like cable, cigarette lighter converter, user manual, etc.

Factors to Consider

  • 8 types of protective functions
  • Due to the USB output charging system, you can charge faster
  • Powerful LED flashlights
  • 1-year of warranty
  • 3000 amps at peak current.

Product is Good For

This is a powerful gadget with an ergonomic design. You can use it in multiple vehicles and it has various protective functions. Besides, the powerful LED flashlight will give you a flash of daylight in dark night!

Jump Starter Buyer’s Guide (Things to consider before buying)

There are uncountable jump starters are available on the market. You have to take a smart approach. Otherwise, there’s a big chance you will end up buying the wrong one. Here, we are giving you some tips to purchase. Let’s check -

Battery Size

Car jump starter works through a rechargeable battery. Some starters possess larger batteries while some have smaller ones. One thing is larger batteries usually provide longer services. So, if you are a user of heavy-duty vehicles, you should go for larger batteries.

Battery Quality

Every electronic products’ batteries downgrade over the course of time. It’s so simple. However, you have to treat the battery in the most spectacular way. How you use and behave toward the battery will determine how long the battery will last. But, some low-quality batteries won’t give you the proper service.

We’ve shared all the products in this article with high-quality batteries. So, you don’t have to think much about it.


Jumper cables are one of the significant parts of a car jump starter. But, not all the cables are long and good enough. So, you should think about it. Cables can possess a variety of lengths. We think it should be the best decision for you to purchase at least 20 feet length starter.

Further, you should also think to purchase thicker wire. The thicker it is, the more it will supply superior performance.

Emergency Lights

Suppose you are stuck on a rainy night at an unknown place. What will be the situation? With low visibility, there’s a big chance an accident could happen. To avoid such an unexpected incident, emergency lights are needed.

Therefore, when the jump starter gonna provide you the emergency light, you will have the opportunity to warn other drivers that you’re middle in the road. So, they can take precautions.

That’s why we will suggest you buy a starter that has an emergency light. It is a life-saver device.


It’s no secret that everyone likes to get a product that is durable and has the long-lasting capability. The car jump starter is no different. You should find a starter that can last so long. This is the reason you can check IP-rating.

However, if you purchase your desired device from our list, you don’t need to think about it. All the products we’ve suggested are extremely durable.


You need to have suitable equipment for certain jobs. A battery car jump starter is no different. You should take a look at this too. It will be a good thing if you can manage to buy portable products. So, you can carry it easily.

Safety Features

If you are stuck in a shadowy and unknown place, it could give you heartbreak especially at nighttime! Therefore, you need safety features that could make feel safe and sound. A good jumper will provide you with an LED light that could illuminate you at the nighttime.

So, check out that LED light is available in the car jump starter.


In jump starter, power measures up in amps. There are a few manufacturers who don’t like to list the number of cranking amps. When the peak power increases, the cranking amps also get increase.

Additionally, the larger your engine is, the more amps it’ll take to get it started. Before selecting a jump starter, check out the jump starter quite thoroughly.

Charging ability

Nowadays, most jump starters are multifunctional. It’s a good sign. You can do various tasks with a single starter. As most products are equipped with a USB port, you don’t have to think about charging your electronic devices like laptop, camera, smartphone, tablet, etc.

The jump starter could charge your product much faster than a power bank. So, keep an eye on this feature before making a final decision.


Some jump-starters in the market have built-in emergency radios. It will assist you to get the latest news about any type of natural disaster. This is such a fantastic feature you can look for.


You just can’t ignore this fact. Can you?! Without a warranty, it will be a big risk to use the jump starter. However, not all companies honor their warranties. This is also a matter of concern. Some companies just show off the warranty matter to sell their products.

Nevertheless, we can assure you that the products we mentioned above won’t disappoint you in terms of warranty and technical problems.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some important FAQs about portable car jump starters. Let’s see -

Does total storage capacity matter in portable jump starters?

The portable jump starter matters most when you plan to use your jump starter battery as a charger for other devices. The higher the number, the more electrical storage capacity will you get.

How many amps should a portable jump starter have?

According to our research, 500 to 600 amps are perfect to start any normal and consumer vehicle. On the other hand, commercial vehicles need at least 1500 amp. If the vehicle is too heavy, then the amount could be up to 2000 amp!

What size air compressor do I need to fill car tires?

A usual car tire needs 1.5 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) to fill car tires. However, it depends on the size of the compressor tank. If the size of the tank is fat, then the amount of CFM could be increased. But, usually, you can do it with 1.5 CFM.


So, here is our review. We are hoping that our review will help you to figure out the perfect car jump starter for you. In this market flooded consumer electronics, our review will help you immensely to find the right one.

A dead car battery is such a disgusting thing for anybody. This is how you can skip the problem. Anyway, what’s your take on our article? Do you think it is up to the mark or gonna help you? You can comment on the box below.

Have a nice day and stay blessed!

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