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7 Best Winch for Jeep- Turn Your Vehicle Into a Beast

Off-road adventures are exciting unless you get stuck in the middle of your journey. And it is not rare that a jeep gets stuck in rough terrain. To keep yourself prepared, there is no alternative to getting a winch for your jeep. Whether you are a first-time Jeep owner or have had your vehicle for a while, if you are planning an off-road adventure, getting the best winch for jeep is a must.

And many think they don't need a winch, as they are not going for an intense drive. However, the reality is that you don't know what to expect when you are on the hills or in a risky terrain.

And getting prepared for the worst-case scenario is the wisest decision. In this article, you will get to know all about the jeep winch.

Let's get started.

What Is Jeep Winch?

A winch is a mechanical pulling device that you can install in your vehicle to get your vehicle out of difficult situations. Especially if your vehicle gets trapped and needs assistance to escape.

Before you hit the road, you have to make sure you have a winch in your toolbox. The components of a jeep winch are discussed below.

Let's have a look.

Motor: A motor is the primary component of the jeep winch. This is the component that delivers power to the system.

Drum: The drum is the component that cables are wrapped around. It rotates to wind or unwinds the cable.

Gear: The gear transfers horsepower into raw pulling strength. There are three types of gear for jeep winch: planetary gear, spur gear, and worm gear.

Battery: A battery is needed to run a winch. It supplies power to the system.

Brake: A brake in the drum holds the loads when the winch is resting.

Cable: Two types of cables wrap around the drum and pull the vehicle. One is steel cable, and another one is synthetic fiber cable. Both the cables have their own specification and perform well in any condition.

Solenoid: The solenoid is the component that controls the rotation of the drum. Basically, it directs the drum to rotate in a specific direction.

Clutch: The clutch attaches or disconnects the drum from the gear system.

Benefits of A Jeep Winch

The benefits of a winch are many. Here we have listed a few most frequent ones for you.

Pull Heavy Objects: Mounting a winch on the front of your vehicle to pull a heavy object is the most common purpose. The motor on a winch usually has the power of pulling a couple of thousand-pound objects, especially in a stuck position.

Whether your vehicle is stuck in the mud or needs any unloading, you can do it all with this tool.

Add Extra Power: Off-road vehicles are best known for their mighty engines and sturdy design. But even these powerful engines can come short on an off-road trail. That's why keeping an extra backup is always better than going barehanded.

Improved Maneuverability: A jeep winch is easy to maneuver. Although many people think that attaching a winch to the jeep is the only way you can pull an object. But the reality is that you can use a winch without attaching it to your jeep as well. The adaptability of a winch makes it beneficial to its users.

Reduce Vehicle Damage: The main purpose of a winch is to pull objects. And that's why it is engineered in a way that it doesn't cause any damage to the vehicle while pulling it. A winch can supply the perfect amount of force that ensures the safety of the load.

If you have ever pulled a car with a rope, you will know how an unmanageable force can cause damage to the vehicle. So, pulling a vehicle without causing any damage is one of the most beneficial features of a winch.

No Need To Make Your Hand Dirty: As you can control your winch with the help of a remote, there is no need to change ropes with your hands. This feature has made the winch more convenient and user-friendly.

Best winch for jeep Product Table

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7 Best Winch for Jeep that You Must Try

Here, in this section, our automotive experts will let you know their top winch picks for jeep and also give you an in-detailed explanation of the reasons of their shortlist.

#1 Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC Winch | 9,500 Pound Load Capacity

This amazing winch is highly rated for being one of the most durable winches on our list. Moreover, it’s entirely waterproof and comes with complete wiring for installation. In contrast, Smittybilt GEN 2 is one of a kind due to its overall design and structure.

(+) UV-Resistant Coating

This winch is perfectly coated with UV-resistant coating (matte black) to keep the overall design of the winch protected in all ways possible.

(+) Waterproof 

As it’s entirely waterproof, you can easily use this winch in all kinds of weather. This is one of the significant reasons that make this winch an excellent choice for heavy-duty performance.

(+) Three-Stage Gear System

Smittybilt GEN 2 comes with a 6.6 horsepower motor that is packed with a durable and high-quality three-stage gear system. This powerful gear system increases the winch’s overall pulling power.

This wonderful winch has a load capacity of 9,500 pounds. However, you can also put your hands on the 12,000, 15,500, and 17,500 pounds. You can also get this winch either single or with a winch cover.

2. Smittybilt X2O COMP

Smittybilt X20 is an amazing winch with high endurance waterproofing ability. It can easily tow heavy weights without showing any signs of wear and tear. Moreover, you can also operate this winch either manually or with the help of remote control. Overall, the winch makes towing pretty convenient and simple.

(+) IP68 Waterproof

With IP68 waterproofing, the winch can easily withstand all weather conditions and humidity without showing any signs of rust or corrosion. Stainless steel plays a significant role in keeping this winch durable in all ways.

(+) 6.6 HP Motor

One of the crucial reasons this winch stands out from others is its powerful 6.6 horsepower Amphibious motor that ensures convenient towing of any vehicle without any issues.

(+) Dynamic Brake System

The overall winch is well-known for its high-quality dynamic brake system. This feature gives you full control over the winch, especially while towing high-weight capacities.

In the end, the Smittybilt X2O COMP winch has a capacity of 10,000 pounds. However, you can also binge on other load capacities of 12,000, 10,000, 15,500, and 17,500 depending on the weight capacity of your vehicle. You can even have this winch single or with a snatch block.

3. Superwinch Terra 45

The Superwinch Terra 45 is one of the high-efficient winches on the market. Its overall horsepower and powerful magnet motor make it an ideal pick for heavy-duty performance. Moreover, the winch even has a sealed solenoid along with a circuit breaker for optimum safety.

(+) ATV Winch Power

This feature ensures that the winch can effortlessly carry out high-performance towing without putting any strain on the winch. It even allows the winch to have more stable towing.

(+) Wired Remote Control

Its wired remote controlling allows you to carry out the towing from a safer distance easily. This allows you to have the entire control of the winch, making your towing more convenient.

(+) IP68 Dust and Waterproof 

The high-quality dust and waterproof rating makes this winch durable to wear and tear. This feature allows your winch to carry out tasks without the issues of rust or corrosion.

Finally, the winch style is Terra 45, however, if you require, you can also go for Terra 35, Terra 35SR, and Terra 45SR.

#4 X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch-13000 lb. Load Capacity

X-Bull 12V is another amazing winch that you can grab. It’s pretty durable and can easily take on heavy-duty tasks with no significant wear and tear. Moreover, it’s spooling clutch and IP67 waterproof rating make it an ideal towing winch for everyone.

(+) Heavy Duty Contactor

This feature ensures positive load control with the correct proportion of power input and output. Moreover, the gear system also provides low ampere traction and fast towing speed.

(+) Spooling Clutch

The spooling clutch of this winch provides an easy operation. This makes your towing pretty convenient and also reduces any risk associated.

(+) IP67 Waterproof

The waterproofing feature allows the winch to easily carry out towing without any rust or corrosion. Moreover, the IP67 waterproofing even secures the solenoid in all ways.

This orange-colored winch has a capacity of 13,000 pounds. However, you can also put your hands on 10,000 and 13,500 pounds. Red, blue, and black are some of the additional colors available to pick.

5. OFF ROAD BOAR Electric Winch Kit 13000-lb.

With its highly efficient wound motor, waterproof IP67 rating, ease of installation, and tons of convenience, this winch is a perfect choice for frequent heavy-duty uses. It comes from a trusted brand that has been around for 20 years.

(+) Powerful Wound Motor

The OFF ROAD BOAR winch features a high-efficiency wound motor that's fully made of copper. This incredibly strong body allows it to pull up to 13,000 pounds. It also uses a 3-stage planetary permanent magnet to increase the torque.

The 6.0 horsepower motor operates at a lower speed for heavy loads and boosts faster speeds for lighter weights.

(+) Automatic Braking System

Thanks to the auto-braking feature, the winch can use the friction of its gears to hold the weight in the event of a power outage. This way, it prevents rollback and offers greater control over heavy loads.

(+) IP67 Waterproof Rating

To resist environmental abuses, the manufacturer has made this winch fully waterproof. With its IP67 rating, the winch is highly useful on muddy terrains, rainy days, snow, and even deep water (up to 3 meters)!

Finally, you can purchase either the synthetic rope or the stainless steel wire as per your needs. Plus, the winch comes in different sizes with load capacities varying from 3,000 to 9,500 pounds.

6. Superwinch 1130220 LT3000 Winch 12V (3,000-lb.)

When it comes to big fish winch companies, Superwinch can't be missed. This 3000-lb. winch from the brand is designed to survive season after season thanks to its heavy-duty construction and highly useful features.

(+) Sealed Circuit Breaker

To provide safe electromagnetic power in any given weather, the circuit breaker and solenoid are completely sealed with weatherproof materials. Moreover, the braking system is both dynamic and mechanical to offer a complete automated load holding capacity for the winch.

This means it will prevent rope slippage and quickly stop the drum from functioning to ensure safety in cases of power failure.

(+) Heavy-Duty Steel Rope

A powerful gearbox includes a free spooling clutch to easily disengage a 3/16" 50-ft highly durable stainless steel wire rope. This stainless steel rope is stronger,using-lasting, and more suitable for heavy-duty uses.

(+) Remote Control

You can use the rubberized remote control to handle the winch from a safe distance. The remote uses a wireless network within a 12 feet area making off-vehicle use super easy for you.

#7 WARN 103254 VR EVO 12 Electric 12V DC Winch with Steel Cable Wire Rope

An ideal choice for long-lasting performance, this winch is manufactured by the industry-leading brand Warn.

(+) Durable Construction

With a stainless steel frame, clutch lever, and fasteners, the winch lasts forever and effectively prevents wear and tear. The symmetrical body with a combination of thick metallic and black paint makes it look stylish.

A dual black-powder coating and moisture seal resists rust, corrosion, and other harsh environmental changes.

(+) Convertible Control Pack

The convertible control pack supports various attachment options to offer multiple mounting options and different looks. You can remotely mount it on the winch or install it permanently for an integrated appearance.

Keep in mind that, the relocation kit for remote mounting is sold separately.

(+) Planetary Gear Train

An improved planetary gear train and the powerful series wound motor offer fast cable reeling and reliable pulling capacity for up to 12,000 pounds.

The combination of high speed with a low ampere draw maximizes the line speed while minimizing the strain on the charging system. Less electricity usage and more speed; what else can you ask for?

Although we have chosen the Zeon 12 model for this review, you can pick from 4 other sizes: Zeon 8, 8-S, 10, and 12-S. Remember, the weight capacity will also change with the winch size.

Key Features of a Jeep Winches: You should know before buy.

While buying a winch, you need to know the types of jeep winches. There are two types of jeep winches available in the market. Let's have a look at them.

Types of Jeep Winches 300

Basically there are 2 types of Winches are in the market. There are-

  • Hydraulic Winche
  • Electric Winche


A hydraulic winch does not require any powerful battery. It takes the power straight from the engine of your jeep.

Hydraulic winches work with hydraulic fluid powered by a hydraulic pump. This winching system is an integral part of your jeep's power steering system.

This hydraulic winch has gotten its fame in the off-road accessory market because of its heavy-duty pulling capability. As it requires power from your vehicle, you should turn the engine on while using this winch.

That's why a proper connection is required to make this winch work. This winch can run nonstop throughout the day without giving you a hard time.


Electric winches obtain their working energy from a powerful battery. Most electric winches require a 12-volt battery supply.

This one is the most common one that people usually use. As this one has a battery in it, there is no need to keep your vehicle on. Unlike a hydraulic winch, it can run without a running engine.

To Buy A Best Winch You Also Need To Consider The Features Below

Winch Motor Power

Winch motor power is extremely important when buying a new winch. The horsepower of your motor will determine how much it can pull. A high gear initiates lower torque, and a low gear initiates high torque. So, if you want a powerful one, then go with the high gear winch.

Pulling capacity

Several factors can influence your jeep winch's pulling capacity. The main factor is the horsepower of your motor. You can increase the pulling capacity with the proper setting and snatch block. The workload rating of your winch should be 1.5 times the gross vehicle weight of your jeep. Calculate the figures for an efficient product before purchasing the winch.

Rope Length

The minimum length of your jeep winch should be at least 100 feet. You can take extensions if you need them. The length of your jeep will depend on the size of your drum. Besides, getting a lengthy rope will not ease your job in any way. It can jam up your winch easily, and pulling more rope means more work for your winch.

Type of Rope/ Cable Types

Synthetic Cables

Synthetic materials make a synthetic rope by braiding them together to get the shape of a rope. These synthetic materials are strong, durable, and light. For instance, a 120-feet long synthetic rope will not weigh more than 5 pounds. This type of rope has more breaking points than the steel one.

Steel Cables

Steel cable is the more traditional one for winches. They are not only strong but also can pull heavy weight easily. The low maintenance feature also makes them convenient for the users. The downside is these cables are quite heavy.

Mounting Options/ Winch Mounts

There are three mounting systems available for the jeep winch. And they are bumper-mounted, integrated winch bumper, and multi-mounted. For the bumper mounting system, you can mount your winch in the bumper of your jeep.

The bumper can be an existing one or a specialty bumper. For both cases, you should check the compatibility first. About the integrated bumper, it has unified winch plates that support the winch. And lastly, the multi-mounted winches are mounted on a receiver bumper.

Control switch / Remote Control

Nowadays, winches are more advanced and have developed new technologies like remote control options. If you are tired of using winches manually, you can now try the remote control winch.

It will allow you to do the job from a distance with the help of a wireless remote. The range of these remote controls can vary from 12-foot range to 50-foot range.

Gear Train & Gear Ratio

The mechanical system of mounting gears is known as a gear train. It is done on a frame to engage the teeth of the gears. Gear teeth engage with each circle to roll without slipping. Which allows the gears to rotate in a smooth circle.

The gear ratio is determined by dividing the number of teeth in gear and pinion. The gear ratio provides the pulling power to the winch.


As you are going to use your winch in adverse conditions, it is better to choose a waterproof one.

Not every winch is fully waterproof. Some offer the waterproof feature in a few of the elements. But if you can spend a little more than your budget, you are most likely to get a complete waterproof winch box for your jeep.


Fabricated steel is the most common material for a jeep winch. This material gives the product enough strength for heavy-duty performance.


Safety comes first when you are driving off-road. When winching, it is critical to keep your surroundings clean; otherwise, your vehicle may sustain serious damage. Besides, knowing the capacity of both your jeep and winch will save you from danger as well.

Draw Rating

The amount of power your winch consumes by the motor is called amp draw. This is an important factor that you should check before buying a winch.

Spur Gear Winch Type

Spur gears are usually compact and easier to install. The transmission efficiency is pretty high in this type of gear. Here, the teeth are straight and parallel to the shaft gear axis.

Worm Gear Winches

A worm wheel and a worm make a worm gear. This is the smoothest gear that makes the least sound. It can hold loads effortlessly and lower the load under power.

Planetary Gear Winches

Planetary gear has a great speed variation mechanism and is usually used in automatic transmission. This gear comes in a compact size and provides high torque. Besides, you can get this type of gear at a low price.

Budget-Friendly/ Pricing

A jeep winch can cost between 200 and 1000 USD. Some cheap winches cost less than 200 USD, but they often fail to do the heavy-duty pulling job.

Spending too much might not be your intention, but for a sturdy and durable winch, you can't go with the cheap one. So, do your research and buy the best one within your budget.


Last but not the least, always check the warranty of your product. Typically jeep winches come with a three to five years of warranty. But there are some brands that offer a lifetime warranty.

So, why settle for less?

Jeep Winch

Average Weight

Ideal Pulling Capacity

Smittybilt XRC Winch-GEN2

78 lbs.

9500 lbs.

Smittybilt X2O COMP

99 lbs.

10,000 lbs.

Superwinch- ‎Terra 45 Winch

22 lbs.

4,500 lbs.

X-BULL Synthetic Rope Winch

58.3 lbs.

13,000 lbs.

Off Road Boar Winch

61 lbs.

13,000 lbs.

Superwinch- ‎LT3000 Winch

19.8 lbs.

13,000 lbs.

WARN Zeon 12 Winch

16 lbs.

12,000 lbs.

What Size Winch Do I Buy for My Jeep?

With considering what winch is best for your Jeep, the heavier the vehicle, the stronger the winch you will need to pull yourself out of a critical situation.

Experts are Advice your winch should be at least 1.5 times the weight of your Wrangler or Jeep. If your Jeep is stock other than the winch you will add, you can multiply your gross vehicle weight (GVW) by 1.5.

However, if you have done all kinds of crazy mods like a lift, bumpers, wheels, tires, or anything else, take your gross vehicle weight and factor in the weight of the mods you have done before multiplying by 1.5.

                | Jeep winch size Visit here for more information


What IP rating should my winch have?

If you want your jeep winch to withstand inclement weather and climate, choose one with an IP68 rating. IP 68 rating means your device can withstand dust, mud, and sand. Besides, it can stay in a good condition even after submerging 1.5 meters underwater for half an hour.

How do I find out what size winch I need?

There is no alternative to buying a perfect-size winch to pull your vehicle. And to determine which winch you need, you should measure the gross vehicle weight. And then multiply the number by 1.5. This figure is the required pulling capacity of your winch.

What is the best winch brand?

Many competitors in the jeep winch market are doing great and bringing us more advanced products. Above all, Smittybilt is a brand that you can rely on. From horsepower to durability, everything is top-notch in the products of Smittybilt.

Final Words

If you want the best winch for jeep it requires skills and knowledge. And, if you don't know what to look for, you will most likely buy an unnecessary and unmatched one.

We have accumulated all the information about a jeep winch while listing the best ones for you in this article. So, you can take your time to understand the features of a jeep winch and do your research before buying.

After knowing the purpose of the jeep winch and what you should consider before buying, you can surely buy the best one that is compatible with your vehicle.

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